Najva Sol is a community cultivator, digital strategist, and brand storyteller. She spent the last decade crafting moments of delight, vulnerability, and connection. She’s currently tackling the intersection of community, media, and innovation at Quartz. Previously, she served as VP of Community for SpankChain, an adult payments ecosystem built on blockchain. Her colorful history includes: serving as strategic director for a feminist media company, founding a sustainable womenswear line, consulting at an anti-trafficking non-profit, lecturing on sex and gender at universities, and a stint as a political photographer.

Her approach always uses heart and data in equal measure. She believes that building community is a skill, but creating inclusive community is an act of empathy. Caring isn’t optional.

She’s a people person who gives a damn, but also an obsessive researcher and intellectual polymath. Literary salons, blockchain panels, design-thinking bootcamps, and augmented-reality gaming meetups are all her cup of tea; there’s very few communities she can’t connect to.

She’s spoken at lots of fancy places, like Harvard and Columbia, and been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Design Milk, Forbes, Nylon, and Refinery 29.

In her free time she attends her queer book club, attempts to not kill her plants, makes bone broths, beats escape rooms, and pens postcards to paramours.